Watch 2018 Talks

Dr. Lee Ann Nutt – “Are You a Belief Maker or Breaker?”

Dr. Martha Salazar-Zamora – “Inspire. Revolutionize. Learn.”

Todd Nesloney – “Tell Your Story”

Sabrina Esparza – “Beautiful Bumps”

Dr. Jerrel Wade – “It’s Gotta be the Shoes”

America Yolanda Lopez – “Empowering Diversity”

George Williams – “Education on the Red Planet: A Chance to Start Over?”

Autumn Raynor – “Recipe for a Right Mind”

Paul Nimon – “Education – Now Including Humans”

Janeth Del Carmen Castellanos – “Be the Butterfly”

Jacob Files – “College…I Can’t Even”

Cassandra Jones – “Teach and Resist: How To Revolutionize Your Classroom Through Community Organizing”

Margaret Jelinek Lewis – “The Hard Task of Doing Nothing”