Watch 2019 Talks

Kimberly Wilson – “There’s No Hack to Overcommitting”

Mia Knight Wright – “Want to Change? What’s Your Unthinkable?”

Rafael Sanchez – “How I Created My Made-To-Order Education”

Alicia Wade – “Failing Forward”

Ashley Dedmon – “The Generational Impact of Cancer: BRCA2 Positive”

Hugo Guerrero – “Is Fake News Woke or Wack?”

Felicia Lee-Sexton – “When Addiction Ends and Life Begins”

Noelle Files – “Are You REady to Step Up?”

Jose Luis Zelaya – From a Street-child to a Ph.D.”

Tammie Denyse – “Toxic Strength”

Patrick Slaughter – “Finding Opportunity at Rock Bottom”

Priscilla Martin – “A Journey to Joy After PTSD”

Saida Désilets – “The Naked Truth of Desire: Beyond Gender”

Sanda E. Martinez – “The Journey to Bliss”