Watch 2015 Talks

Jason Arcemont – “Giving All You’ve Got With All That You’ve Been Given”

Danny Harvey – “It is What It Is…No It Is What You Make It: Your Financial Future”

Madeleine McQuilling – “Comics in Classrooms: Constructive or Counterproductive?”

Durell Forte & Melissa Studdard – “Waking the Sleeping Giant”

Chandra Shaw – “Shut Up! And Let Me Teach:
Ending the Assault on Teacher Autonomy”

Latoya Lewis – “How to Get Away with ACADEMIC Murder!”

Anne Ginnett – “Who Doesn’t Have Trouble with Executive Functioning?”

Patrick Barton – “Breaking the Bank: Time to Live”

Sean Tiffee – “Mind the Gap Between Perception and Reality”

Janie Filoteo – “Why I Watch TV So Much and Why You Should Too”

Michael Davis – “Everyone Has A Path To Find, Even You!”

Rodney White – “Communication Secrets of the Left Eye”

Dhaval Patel – “Daring to Re-Think Social Responsibility Globally”

D. Ivan Young – “Emotional Intelligence: Using the Laws of Attraction”

Brandon Lowery – “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Zombies”

Peter Maeck – “Cradle And All: From Womb To Tomb – And Back Again”

Lisa Morales – “Einstein Was an Artist:
How the Creative Process Fuels Original Work”

Holly Savoie – “How an Unhealthy Mindset Will Cost You Your Success”

Rhiannon Donaldson & Charles Kivlehen – “From Underdog to Clay Pigeon”